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I'm Harry Potter. In the magical world I'm a "celebrity" for something I do not remember, but wh am I? A name in a story or an image in a semblance of truth and also be looking for light to our despair world … and "me" in all this? I do not know what I want, darkness …Light … I don't know, I just want to live! For the moment I survive in this world … I'm still connected to my chains but someone can release me? A man, a child, anyone, do it, I can't breathe, I feel that my days are numbered. Why? Because of a stupid prophecy that sealed my fate and gnawing inside me long ago, and I think someone waiting outside just to help me, giving me some hope! This will be a liberating breath, or a wind murderer, who has just scratching my last drop of blood. I am here at Hogwarts in the dark of my room to write my thoughts, my feelings, my blind eye to a future corrupted by the Death Eaters and the Ministry to wonder if one day I will have the right to an uncertain happiness …

I look at the sky, I'd be an angel. Yes, that is, I'm an angel, but my wings are they white?No, I think not! They should be gray, dotted with black and red! A perfect

blend of me! I am neither good nor bad, I bat for me and my ideals, for my life and for those I love. I have an idea that creeps in me for several months, since his death, an idea of ​​travel, release. To where? Look for people like me. I want … what I don't know. My nightmare scare me, that happens there? Do I drive changed? I am terrified … not by death, no … but why. His countless headaches, trembling hands, this lack of oxygen, cold … The Grim Reaper did hit one more time, snatching life and causing death? The cold … it still moves me as the months slowly back down my arm and pulled out my ability to write. Right now, I'm cold, and always these headaches … help me! Tears up and down my cheeks, I hurt but I write my feelings about the unknown of the equation prophecy. I feel in this moment of pain up my knuckles from the palm and become lodged in my arms. I'm afraid … yes sure, more than before. I tremble again … help me!
Does God want me to test? Or punish me for having you kill?
If you knew how I miss you … Sirius.

I dare even more pronounced your name, it sounds so bitter in my mouth. I wanted to tell you how much I wanted you, my dear godfather. Being, sometimes, I get lost in my thoughts with you and I imagine spirited talk, laugh. You warmed my heart just by looking at me, I knew then that you suppor

ted me in my trials, but there … there are only glances filled with mercy. Yes, I admit I don't accept your death. I don't accept the end of these moments with you and what I have to do alone now. Defeating Voldemort … or die. I said if I die, I could see you, but I have a destiny to fulfill, a fucking life to live, through a hell … all this, while living alone with your memories.

It's funny anyway … Here nothing has changed, your name still cursed Snape, Ron and Hermione looked at me with such pity would have disgusting … Dumbledore always plays the old grandpa  … And you … you have to good use up there right?! I imagine with Dad playing a thousand and one tricks to Mom … but that thought bothers me! Do you know Sirius?! How I suffer without you? I blame you … I'll want so much to you, my selfish sponsor, have you thought only my feelings after you left. Yes I wanted to kill for you, die for you … I no longer live only through your reflection. I am no longer a shadow of myself. At night, I review so I can't sleep. I lock myself in the bathroom and let the blade cut and lacerated my skin again and again. But I do not cry anymore.

You know Sirius, there's one thing I never told you. I realize my mistake now. I never told you how much I loved you. But that's OK, I can tell you at last. Yes, keep me up Sirius … I just join you for eternity.
Inspired by Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

I wrote it 5 years ago when i lost my own godfather. Then I just wrote my feeling, my scare about my illness. Hope you like it and don't hesitate to comment!
soldierseven Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
wow... this is amazing... I cried lol
asuza68 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh! thanks for your comment! Don't cry too much lol
soldierseven Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
lol I didnt cry that bad, but i did cry xD and anytime(:
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